The Lead Everywhere Story

What is Lead Everywhere?

It’s pure collaboration.

It’s three leading higher-education associations producing a one-stop training conference unlike any other.

The Lead Everywhere concept flickered to life in a Mexican restaurant in the Dallas suburbs in November 2013. ASGA Executive Director Butch Oxendine and Miller Institute Executive Director Chris Irving were brainstorming during a meal after ASGA’s Dallas conference.

It became a full flame when Rasheed Ali Cromwell, president of the Harbor Institute, jumped on board.

Lead Everywhere is three associations committed to supporting the development of students and professionals around the country and the globe. High-quality, proven leadership development for women, Student Government, Greeks, and diversity training.

Each organization does its own great conferences. Students and administrators wanting to learn about and improve their Student Governments go to ASGA’s 10 conferences. Students desiring to learn about diversity issues and multi-cultural issues go to the Miller Center’s conferences. The Harbor Institute produces conferences to help Greek leaders and advisors.

But Lead Everywhere’s founders wanted to produce training conferences that truly do encompass all facets of being a leader. Most student leaders serve in multiple organizations and serve many constituencies. You’re an officer in Student Government, but you’re also Greek, a woman, and are trying to be inclusive of all students.

So Why Do Most Groups Segment Student Leadership Training?

Leadership is something you do everywhere. The skills you learn as being a woman leader, Greek leader, SG leader, and multi-cultural leader contribute to the whole person.

Lead Everywhere‘s Student Leader All-Star Weekend is the answer. Lead Everywhere is uniting every facet of student leadership under one umbrella. Stronger leaders. Stronger campuses. Stronger world.