What Will I Learn?

Attending the Student Leader All-Star Weekend sponsored by Lead Everywhere will help you improve as a student leader!

When your delegation leaves the conference, you’ll be taking away specific ideas and “best practices” which will quickly and dramatically improve your student organization or office on campus. We’ll help you develop plans to tackle both pressing issues and long-term projects. You’ll also head home knowing how to build a more cohesive team: one that’s prepared to handle new challenges head-on and more efficiently.

Foundational Principles:

  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Growth & Employment
  • Ethical Practices of Leaders
  • Assessment, Planning, and Recognition

By attending and actively participating in the Student Leader All-Star Weekend, students will:

    • Obtain and strengthen leadership skills such as conflict and risk management, communication, teamwork, time management, proactive event planning, goal setting and risk taking
    • Utilize practices that support organizational sustainability
  • Understand better their ability to work with others and how their personal LEADERSHIP IDENTITY relates across campus
    • Get students to care about your organization, programming, or cause
    • Recruit more students to get involved in your organization so that your mission is sustainable
    • Improve relations with your administration, faculty, and staff
  • Cultivate ideas that continue to BUILD COMMUNITY on and off campus
    • Develop an even fuller understanding of themselves through sessions, active engagement, and interactions with others
    • Participate in idea-sharing as it relates to their experiences as a student leader and organizational member/leader
    • Exposure of new ideas and ways to partner with others, recognize members, and further the mission of their student organization
  • Teach students to gather feedback, ASSESS, and utilize that information in the planning process
    • Foster an environment where assessment and the seeking of feedback is used to continue to improve programs, services, and the experiences of their student body