Who Should Attend?

Want to improve your campus leadership? You should attend the Student Leader All-Star Weekend, sponsored by Lead Everywhere!

If you’re ready and eager to make positive changes and are receptive to learning and improving, you will benefit from this conference.

The Lead Everywhere Student Leader All-Star Weekend is intended for:

Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-SG Student Government officers – President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, chief of staff, parliamentarian, historian, cabinet members, student trustee
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-SG Student Government members – Senators, representatives, cabinet members, judicial branch, committee members, volunteers
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-SG Student Government advisors – official college-appointed advisors and support staff
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-E1 College and university administrators – President, vice president for student affairs/life, residential life, Greek affairs and others who work with Student Government
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-Greek Greek leaders
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-Women Women leaders
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-LGBT LGBTQ leaders
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-Diversity Diversity leaders
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-E1 ANY student leader – Campus press, club leaders, RHA, programming board
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-E1 All types of schools are welcome – Public universities, private colleges, community colleges, and high schools
Mega-Conference-Workshop-Icons-E1 Any type of school will benefit – Large schools, small colleges, religious institutions, commuter institutions, technical colleges, or community colleges